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Capturing moments, memories, and all that you love and adore between every paint stroke and through every color. Read more about Melanie Posner's process and how to get started to get on the list in the pages below! You must submit a detailed inquiry to work together.

How it works.

1. Complete the onboarding form linked below titled 'Submit Inquiry.'

2. Receive a detailed questionnaire by email, fill it with as much detail as you can!

3. Melanie Posner will communicate via email and then a phone meeting to discuss the vision for the project.

4. Once accepted for booking, you will receive an invoice for 50% deposit and an agreement that states the details for the project.

5. Once painting begins, Melanie Posner will update you as progress is made!

6. When your piece is complete, you will receive an invoice for the remaining amount and a reveal of the painting.


7. Once the remaining amount is paid the painting will be shipped and yours to love forever!

Commission Painting7.jpg
Commission Painting6.jpg

Combining your ideas, wants, and desires, with Melanie Posner's painting styles, techniques, and vision, to create something truly unique and beautiful for you to always cherish and enjoy. The process begins with your ideas, reference photos, memories, or experiences. Then you’ll discuss product, pricing, payment plans, sizes, time estimates, and what you can expect from Melanie. Project timeline and pricing vary by size, please view pricing sheet below for more information.

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